Are you listening to your creative voice?

I love when I have unexpected time to be creative.  Today has been one of these times.  Although I started off with the idea of continuing to work on a painting that I need to get done in the next few days, I couldn’t help but listen to the little voice in my head that kept saying “It’s time to sketch and put your idea down on paper.”  So I did!  Remember… this is just a sketch (with some coloring added).


Glass buoys

Now for the next step… hone this idea – details and colors – then paint it on the surface I have prepped.  It’s been sitting on my table waiting for the right design to grace its surface.   I’ll post a picture of the finished piece, maybe as early as tomorrow, unless I get sidetracked again to do what I really need to do which is finish the painting BEFORE my deadline next week.  Then I can play around with the glass buoys all I want.  😉  Oh the woes of creative priorities!


Craft Day!

Yesterday I spent time with friends crafting. We decided about six weeks ago to start getting together monthly and sharing our different craft specialties. Maryjo was the first one to share her talents in earring making. She is such a good teacher that in no time at all we all had several pairs of earrings completed.

Some of the earrings I made

Some of the earrings I made

It was so much fun! I’m looking forward to our next craft day in September. This time Charlee will be teaching us the fine art of card making. It will be another day filled with fun and laughter!

What fun things are you and your girlfriends doing?

Sunshine and Hearts

Earlier this week I came across a blank tin panel that’s been sitting in my paint stash that I haven’t seen in years – waiting patiently for “just the right project.” I’ve been working on some other projects, but I needed a slight detour to help re-energize my creative juices. So when I found this panel I knew it was just the thing I needed.

After a minute or two of contemplation I knew exactly what I would do with it… and who I would give it to. Yes, it will be a present for someone special later this year.

Blank tin panel

The design is from Lynne Deptula of Distinctive Brushstrokes. The panel is from D&CC Crafts. I converted Lynne’s Delta Ceramcoat color palette to DecoArt Americana paints. And the rest is history!

For more pictures, and to see the completed project/gift, please visit Starfish Road Creations.