Are you listening to your creative voice?

I love when I have unexpected time to be creative.  Today has been one of these times.  Although I started off with the idea of continuing to work on a painting that I need to get done in the next few days, I couldn’t help but listen to the little voice in my head that kept saying “It’s time to sketch and put your idea down on paper.”  So I did!  Remember… this is just a sketch (with some coloring added).


Glass buoys

Now for the next step… hone this idea – details and colors – then paint it on the surface I have prepped.  It’s been sitting on my table waiting for the right design to grace its surface.   I’ll post a picture of the finished piece, maybe as early as tomorrow, unless I get sidetracked again to do what I really need to do which is finish the painting BEFORE my deadline next week.  Then I can play around with the glass buoys all I want.  😉  Oh the woes of creative priorities!


Craft Day!

Yesterday I spent time with friends crafting. We decided about six weeks ago to start getting together monthly and sharing our different craft specialties. Maryjo was the first one to share her talents in earring making. She is such a good teacher that in no time at all we all had several pairs of earrings completed.

Some of the earrings I made

Some of the earrings I made

It was so much fun! I’m looking forward to our next craft day in September. This time Charlee will be teaching us the fine art of card making. It will be another day filled with fun and laughter!

What fun things are you and your girlfriends doing?

CHALLENGE: Spring Cleaning 2014 – Art Rooms

In my house there is a room in which the door rarely gets opened.  The door belongs to a room which I call Art Room #2.  I was in search of something special the other night which forced me to open THE door.  I never found what I was looking for (you’ll know why when you look at the pictures below), but what I did find is the answer to my question… How do I want to use this room for my art? I have (finally) decided to use this room as my Supply Closet and Project Idea Room!  As you can see in the pictures below, the room is full.  It has housed most of my arts and crafts supplies in boxes for the last 6 years, which is how long we’ve lived in this house.  Time to put the room to use!

The BEFORE pictures of Art Room #2:

Art Room #2 - Looking in from doorway - West-by-Northwest corner

Art Room #2 – Looking in from doorway – West-by-Northwest corner

Most of my arts and crafts supplies are hidden in these boxes.

Art Room #2 – Most of my arts and crafts supplies are hidden in these boxes.

Art Room #2 - Southwest corner

Art Room #2 – Southwest corner

Art Room #2 - Northeast corner

Art Room #2 – Northeast corner

And since I’m going to Spring Clean and reorganize that Art Room #2 I figured I better do the same for Art Room #1 and Art Room #3.  NOTE: For those of you who know me, it’s no surprise that my Art Rooms have been neglected over the past year, hence the reason for the mass destruction.

Art Room #1 - Looking in from doorway - Northwest corner

Art Room #1 – Looking in from doorway – Northwest corner

Art Room #1 - Northeast corner

Art Room #1 – Northeast corner

Art Room #1 - Southeast corner

Art Room #1 – Southeast corner

Art Room #1 - Southwest corner

Art Room #1 – Southwest corner

Art Room #3 - Looking in from doorway - Northeast corner

Art Room #3 – Looking in from doorway – Northeast corner

Art Room #3 - Looking in from doorway - Southeast corner

Art Room #3 – Looking in from doorway – Southeast corner

Art Room #3 - Southwest corner

Art Room #3 – Southwest corner

Art Room #3 - Northwest corner

Art Room #3 – Northwest corner

Here are the plans for each room:

  • Art Room #1 – This is where the magic happens – designing, painting, creating.  NEEDS: Besides the obvious table needs, I also need an easy-to-access place to store my “Everyday” tools – pencils, paint brushes, paint, scissors, mediums, etc.  Then I need a place for reference materials.  AND… I need a radio AND a TV with video/DVD/cable access.   Laptop/Internet needs are already taken care of through the wireless set-up we have in the house.  I almost forgot something… I need a camera/filming set-up as well.  This one will have to go on the Wish List and set-up at a later date.
  • Art Room #2 – This will be the Storage Closet and Project Idea Room.  I (think I) have (enough) shelving and cabinets that I can use to store surfaces, paints & mediums, and all other supply type items.  The idea now is to place the shelving on the eastern side of the room.  Then on the western side of the room I can set up a table or two to lay out projects and inspiration for future projects.
  • Art Room #3 – This is the classroom and office area.  I think I will move the “office” (desk, chair, filing cabinet) to the southwest end of the room.  By doing that I believe I will have more space in the rest of the room to set up tables for more students as well as be able to use the natural lighting from the windows.

Before I begin this challenge I need to sketch out my thoughts to see if I can layout the rooms like I want.  Also, I am bound and determined to use only the items I have on hand (or things I can get for FREE) – shelving, furniture, storage bins, etc. – to carry out this 3-room Spring Cleaning challenge.

I’m looking forward to the AFTER pictures.  I hope you are too!  🙂

What sparks your creativity?

I am interested in you.  Yes, you!

I am expanding my painting and designing business, and I would love to get feedback from other creatives types like you.

  • Where does your creative inspiration come from?  What sparks your creative urge?
  • What time of day are you most creative or productive?  Is there certain days or times of the year in which you are more creative?
  • Describe your creative area – place, decor, organizational ideas, ambiance, etc.
  • Describe your creative journey.
  • Do you create as a hobby or as a business?
  • Do you prefer to create by yourself or with others?

Let me share my answers (in case you are interested in my creative process):

  • I get the most inspiration from the ocean.  It’s the one place my mind can shut out the day-to-day stuff and just become quiet.  That’s when I am fully open to the multitude of ideas.
  • Again, it is the quiet times that I find I am most productive and creative.  The quiet times for me usually happen in the early morning “quiet” hours (midnight-4 a.m.).
  • I have two locations in my home – one on purpose, and one I have commandeered.  My “studio” a.k.a. the on purpose room,  is an extra bedroom that has a table for painting & designing, along with shelving and storage areas for supplies.  The table is located in the corner of the room which has two large windows, one in front of the table and the other on the right side of the table, offering great natural lighting.  I have several coastal knickknacks around that help to keep me focused.  I like the room because I can close out the noise of the world if needed.  The commandeered area is the den.  It’s a large space that allows me to spread out if needed, plus it allows me to interact with my husband and guests without closing everyone and everything out.  I try not to over use it because I could easily take it over permanently, and that wouldn’t be good since we use that room for so many other reasons.
  • My journey started with my mom teaching me how to sew, cook and bake, and decorate a Christmas tree.  From there I expanded into calligraphy (“you write so beautifully” – not anymore, ha!), to teaching cake decorating, to learning how to paint, and now teaching and designing.
  • My hobby has turned into a business.  Yay!
  • For the most part I enjoy being on my own … I get more done that way, if the goal is to produce.  But I love to share time with others as well.  It’s a great opportunity to share ideas, to learn new techniques or methods, share my knowledge, and ironically – at times – to be more productive with others’ encouragement.

I’m excited to find out how you spark your creativity!  Thanks for taking the time to share with me.

Blog Every Day in May – Day 17: My Favorite Picture of Me

2010 WFL Graduation

2010 WFL Graduation

I love this picture!  It is a picture of accomplishment.  It was taken at my 2010 graduation from Wisdom for Life Leadership School (now known as Champions Centre College) at Champions Centre in Tacoma, WA.

It was an intense three years, filled with a library of essays, an encyclopedia set of reading assignments, more public speaking assignments than I care to remember, and a ton of fun.  It stretched me way beyond my comfort zones.  But in the end it was worth every minute of anxiety, stress, mind expansion, sweaty armpits, and cracking voices.

I did it!  And I have the diploma to prove it.  I am now part of the elite Golden Hammer Club of Kingdom Builders.  I am truly blessed!  Thank you God!