What sparks your creativity?

I am interested in you.  Yes, you!

I am expanding my painting and designing business, and I would love to get feedback from other creatives types like you.

  • Where does your creative inspiration come from?  What sparks your creative urge?
  • What time of day are you most creative or productive?  Is there certain days or times of the year in which you are more creative?
  • Describe your creative area – place, decor, organizational ideas, ambiance, etc.
  • Describe your creative journey.
  • Do you create as a hobby or as a business?
  • Do you prefer to create by yourself or with others?

Let me share my answers (in case you are interested in my creative process):

  • I get the most inspiration from the ocean.  It’s the one place my mind can shut out the day-to-day stuff and just become quiet.  That’s when I am fully open to the multitude of ideas.
  • Again, it is the quiet times that I find I am most productive and creative.  The quiet times for me usually happen in the early morning “quiet” hours (midnight-4 a.m.).
  • I have two locations in my home – one on purpose, and one I have commandeered.  My “studio” a.k.a. the on purpose room,  is an extra bedroom that has a table for painting & designing, along with shelving and storage areas for supplies.  The table is located in the corner of the room which has two large windows, one in front of the table and the other on the right side of the table, offering great natural lighting.  I have several coastal knickknacks around that help to keep me focused.  I like the room because I can close out the noise of the world if needed.  The commandeered area is the den.  It’s a large space that allows me to spread out if needed, plus it allows me to interact with my husband and guests without closing everyone and everything out.  I try not to over use it because I could easily take it over permanently, and that wouldn’t be good since we use that room for so many other reasons.
  • My journey started with my mom teaching me how to sew, cook and bake, and decorate a Christmas tree.  From there I expanded into calligraphy (“you write so beautifully” – not anymore, ha!), to teaching cake decorating, to learning how to paint, and now teaching and designing.
  • My hobby has turned into a business.  Yay!
  • For the most part I enjoy being on my own … I get more done that way, if the goal is to produce.  But I love to share time with others as well.  It’s a great opportunity to share ideas, to learn new techniques or methods, share my knowledge, and ironically – at times – to be more productive with others’ encouragement.

I’m excited to find out how you spark your creativity!  Thanks for taking the time to share with me.