Blog Every Day in May – Day 31: A vivid memory

Vivid Memory #1 –

Jumping out of an airplane… on purpose! (It was for a good cause.)  And then finding out afterwards that my husband is afraid of heights and absolutely did not want me to jump, but never shared that information with me.  Thank goodness I survived!  And no, I am not planning on another dive.


Vivid memory #2 –

Walking down the aisle, after being pronounced husband and wife, expecting to be greeted by friends and family but instead we were greeted by the Santa Ana Fire Department.  Little did I know that during our wedding ceremony one of my bridesmaids had fainted.  Marie had experienced a bad combination of heat, nerves, and one too many Bartles and James wine coolers.  I was so focused on my tender-hearted groom to notice what was going on behind my back.  Marie recovered quickly and enjoyed the rest of the party.  And we walked away with a lifetime memory!



Blog Every Day in May – Day 30: Letting Go

I never used to let go of things.  I thought it was easier to hold them inside of me.  But I have learned over the years that it is so much better to Let. It. All. Go.

Sometimes I let go by sleeping or reading.  Other times by writing out my feelings.  And at other times I let go of things while I’m painting.  But my most favorite way of letting go… is a long stroll along the ocean’s edge.  Give me a long, sandy beach with crashing waves, and all will soon be well in my world!

Lincoln City ORIMG_0586

How do you let go?

Blog Every Day in May – Day 29: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to me or bring back memories

  1. Send in the Clowns – this brings me back to my 16th birthday, celebrated at Chez Cary in Santa Ana, CA.  This song has always made me sad and brought tears to my eyes.  My boyfriend joined my family for my birthday celebration.  He asked the musicians, strolling around the restaurant, to play a song for me.  You got it… Send in the Clowns!  He didn’t know that this song made me so sad.  He felt bad, and so did I.  
  2. Moments in Love – I first heard this song while I was driving home one day from work in Sacramento, CA.  I instantly feel in love with it, and the  group Art of Noise.
  3. Linus and Lucy – one of my absolute favorite Christmas songs!  How can you not be merry when listening to it?!
  4. Rachmaninoff: Rhapsody on a theme by Paganini – When I started watching Somewhere in Time I wasn’t excited about it.  Then I heard this piece of music and my  life changed forever!  This is movie is my all-time favorite!  All because of a piece of music… and the beauty of Jane Seymour.  Oh, and of course, the beautiful love story.
  5. Popsicle Toes – That’s the nickname my husband bestowed on me.  And it’s true, I do have Popsicle toes!

Blog Every Day in May – Day 27: A letter to my readers…

Dear readers,

Thank you!  Yes, thank YOU… for taking the time to read my blogs as I stumble along this new journey while I find my bloggy legs.

I started my blog late last year but hadn’t done much with it until this month.  My friend Lindsay suggested I think about taking on a blog challenge that was to begin the next day.  I followed her suggestion and accepted the challenge!

And a challenge it has been!  It has tested  – and continues to test – not only my everyday writing abilities, but my creative writing abilities as well.

This has been a fun, and sometimes emotional, journey.  And the reward has been the encouraging comments from readers, and even the not-so-nice ones as well.  The comments are like people-watching to me… first impressions show a lot about the person.

So, dear readers, I think I will continue this journey after the challenge is over.


Blog Every Day in May – Day 26: Something I read online…

How does someone get to this point?  I have dealt with my share of crying babies over the years, but have never entertained the thought of putting a child in a freezer… or in a box … or taping the child’s mouth… or giving the child alcohol… or any other unbelievable form of so-called discipline in hopes that s/he would stop crying.  How does this happen?

Blog Every Day in May – Day 25: Something someone told me about myself that I’ll never forget

Someone told me, as I walked down the aisle with my husband by my side, that my marriage wouldn’t last a year.  It was hurtful because the person who said it to me was very important in my life at that time.  I laughed it off at that moment, thinking to myself as I continued to walk down the aisle with my husband by my side that, “We’ll show them!”  Later that night I began to wonder if the comment would be true.  I chalked my thought  up to being tired (after a very long couple of days of travel and last-minute wedding errands), and then promptly pushed it out-of-the-way.

That comment is twenty-seven and a half years old.  On September 21, 2013 I am proud to say that my husband, Jeff, and I will be celebrating 28 years of marriage!

I have to admit that when things have gotten tough over the years I have yanked this comment from the depths of my mind and began to wander if the prophecy was unfolding, even though we had long surpassed the ominous one year mark.  But each time this happens I come back to reality and know that it is only a mind monster that I refuse to let control my marriage.  In fact, I feel I have managed to use it to help my marriage.  It is what propels me to make the best of each day that I have with my husband.  It is a reminder that he and I chose each other – for better or worse,  and that this was not an arranged marriage by parents or friends, or a marriage made in haste (although some might think otherwise).

I’d like to say “thank you” to this person, even though they will never see this.  You have made me a better person, and a better wife.

SIDE NOTE: This truly was an arranged marriage… one arranged by God.  And I’m very thankful!  He knew exactly the man I needed in my life.