Good to GREATER = 2013

I can hardly believe it’s time for our annual “year in review” and “let’s plan ahead” tradition.

Over the past week my husband and I have reviewed this past year, as well as thinking about, jotting down, and re-evaluating the things we wish to do in 2013.  2012 was a good year, but we want GREATER!  We have put together our 2013 goals, and updated a second list that we call our Lifetime Goals… goals we will carry out sometime in our lifetime.  Get it?  (I can tell it’s late.  My “silly” side is coming out.)

This new year – 2013 – promises GREATER things, at least according to our list of goals.  There will be lots of traveling – some personal trips, but mostly business trips.  And the traveling is due to the opportunities that we have as well as the ones we have taken advantage of and the ones we are blessed with daily.  (I’ll share more about the opportunities and travel plans as the year progresses.)

Some of the biggest blessings, and generating a lot of our goals, are my painting and teaching skills.  I have come to realize that these skills have been given to me by God, and that it is my job to hone them and share them with others.  Because I have realized this we are beginning to see GREATER things happen in our lives.  These GREATER things are powerful motivators.  Some of the older goals on our Lifetime list are beginning to come to life.  These particular goals are multi-layered and started out slowly or have produced few results, but because we haven’t given up on them they are now starting to gain momentum and fuel our expectations of, and for, GREATER things in our lives.  Let’s just say these things will have an impact for a LIFETIME!

And so we say… Bring on 2013 and all the GREATER things!  And may 2013 be GREATER for you, too!

Check back periodically for “the rest of the story” updates.